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  • Welcome to the plane of A'therys

    ...an original minecraft fantasy roleplay featuring staff and player driven storylines, immersive lore, and an engaging community. If you are new to our site, we recommend that you join our discord. For important updates and information about events, and other community topics, visit our forums.  To check out our open source plugins for the new era of A'therys, go to https://github.com/Atherys 

    A'therys Aeons Heroes Patch 1.1.1 - Sylvanite Mini Rework

    By Nimmy,
    Hello everyone! Very big patch going out right here, wanted to note that from now on we will hopefully be doing smaller patches and this should be the last huge patch that we release. On that note, the Gameplay Team has been restructured into a bunch of different teams which we are currently figuring out how we should make applications, but for now if you'd like to join the Heroes Team please apply here. https://forms.clickup.com/36008339/f/12awck-4541/QCL97M052LLAW7M23T For joining ot

    Meet the Staff | Aeon's Q&A Session!

    By Zero99x,
    Hey Atherians! We will be hosting two meetings on Wednesday, March 30th where you guys can meet the higher staff team and ask any questions you’d like about the community.  These meetings should last about an hour long, and we are hosting two of them in order to cater for both EU and US Player bases.  You can subscribe to the events tab above or click below for the different meetings, the first one being the EU Meeting and the second one being the US Meeting.  The EU Meeting will be a

    A'therys Aeons Heroes & MythicMobs Patch 1.1.0 Notes

    By pumpapa,
    Hi everyone, Today we have a pretty big patch for you, the gameplay team has worked hard on both Heroes and MythicMobs improvements in order to give you a much better experience, this is why I decided to merge these two into one patch. We also did some restructuring in our newly branded Gameplay Team, several team members have been given the role of Project Manager, where each PM is responsible for facilitating the creation pipeline for their own project: @JupiterRomeis project manager

    A'therys Aeons Moderation Application | First Wave

    By Zero99x,
    Greetings A'therians, With of our first full month of A'therys Aeons being launched, we have an increased need of support in Moderation for the server. In preparation for our initial marketing efforts for the server, today marks the opening of our first wave of Moderation application acceptances! If you would like to play a bigger role, work with the A’therys team, be in the know of all things up and coming to A'therys or just to help other players out. Then we encourage all willing member

    Traveling Merchants of A'therys!

    By Hexxie,
    Greetings, A'therians! A group of traveling merchants have begun crossing the world to sell rare and unattainable wares. Located at multiple player-owned towns, you may find these merchants in the following places so far: Twin Palms Market Valzanttar Duvari Nandar Astria Caellis Marcolo Trading Company   Also, soon coming to: Dorrod Muth Monas Roth An undecided Vrovona town   Go out, explore and find some good deals!

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